Interview with Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi

The Secular Elements of the Islamic Republic


The Iranian revolution sought to establish an Islamic state. Officially, it got one. Unofficially, however, the process did not lead to the Islamicization of society, but to a transformation of Islam. This, in any case, is the theory held by the Iranian sociologist Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi. Mona Sarkis spoke to him  -  Qantara










The focus of my journalistic work is on socio-cultural aspects, mostly in German language media. From print to radio.

Here some examples.

Arab Photographers' View of the "Orient"

Looking into the Blind Spot


Frequently criticized as they are, images that "orientalize" Middle Eastern subjects are widespread and well known. The Arab Image Foundation, however, presents other views of this part of the world. Browsing its online collection is a voyage of discovery, says Mona Sarkis - Qantara




The Contemporary Art Scene in Syria

New Kid on the Block


Arab countries have not exactly been conspicuous on the art scene. Now, however, all that is changing as international auction houses and Syrian art gallery owners are doing their best to make Syrian art the next big thing. By Mona Sarkis - Qantara




The Restoration of Old Damascus

The Conservation Trend


Damascus is most likely the oldest continuously

inhabited city in the world. More and more private

persons are setting about restoring the

dilapidated Old City – the outcome in many cases are

even worse. Mona Sarkis reports - Qantara

Orientalism in Europe

Naive Aestheticism


Orientalism in European art flourished along

with colonialism in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Many of its productions are imbued with a

cultural arrogance that is still with us today –

as an exhibition in Munich makes clear.


Mona Sarkis went along to take a look- Qantara

لوحة العبيد البييض، الصورة جيراده بلوت





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